Microsoft Technology

Built up standalone and cloud-based solutions using Microsoft Technology

The choice of technology is one of the most important decisions that determine the top/bottom line of an organization.


Our platform expertise includes Microsoft technology experts:

  • -
  • - C#
  • - ASP
  • - SQL Server


Open Source (Java)

Built up standalone and cloud-based solutions using Open Source Technology

Technology is also crucial while managing known business risks. We have open source experts who has expertise in:


We have Open Source technology experts who manages open source projects in:

  • - Java
  • - C/C++
  • - MySQL
  • - Unix/Linux


Legacy Systems

Upgrade your business to keep it up with market needs

Our specialists are conditioned to recommend the right technology to our clients by understanding the client’s requirements


Our experts provide guidance for your IT setup

  • - Business objectives
  • - Current technical infrastructure, framework and standards
  • - Allocation of IT budgets and Business objectives